1. 大学、大学院における
    • 長・短期留学生向けの日本語教育
    • 留学生別科の新規開設と運営(海外からの学生募集、入管申請業務、生活指導とケア)
  2. 技能実習生向けの日本語教育
  3. 企業内の外国人社員向け日本語研修

About Kanda Academy of Japanese Language Education

With the focus on the Japanese language education for foreigners since our foundation in 2002, we have achieved a track record of more than 30,000 students and are engaged in providing a wide range of services ranging from education for international students at universities to Japanese-language education for technical interns as well as for employees of companies.

Our company was established in 2002 mainly by volunteers among Japanese language teachers with an aim of providing high quality Japanese language education in connection with the closing of the Japanese language course at Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward. Forty-five Japanese language teachers have been passionately engaged in teaching Japanese based on the experience and achievements over the period of 30 years including the era of the professional training college.

The main contents of our business are as follows:

  1. For universities and graduate schools:
    • Japanese language training for long and short-term international students
    • Opening and managing special courses for international students
      *Services related to recruiting of overseas students, dealing with applications for immigration-related matters, everyday guidance and care
  2. Japanese language training for technical interns
  3. Japanese language training for foreign employees at companies